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HD Canvas “Alternate Cover” Uncle Bob's Daughters - Medium - 80x60cm

HD Canvas “Alternate Cover” Uncle Bob's Daughters - Medium - 80x60cm

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Technical data

Dimensions 80cm x 60 cm, PORTRAIT format
Created with the original by Emilio van der Zuiden - very high quality print
Maxi format photo quality sublimation printing
Presenting the eponymous Alpine A110 of Team Aseptogyl in 1971 and the original Citroën DS from the 2011 Monte Carlo Historic Rally (having raced!)
Secure shipping in a rigid cardboard box provided for this purpose

HD print canvas - made from the original of the 1st print of the cover of the famous album “Uncle Bob's Daughters”

Official drawing of the “unrestrained” cover by Emilio van der Zuiden, much appreciated by connoisseurs

The drawing is therefore EXCLUSIVE and has never been published!

Presents the Alpine A110 of Team Aseptogyl and the Citroën DS launched in 2011 for the Monte-Carlo Historic Rally

Signed by Bob Neyret on request!

Size: 80 x 60 cm - Portrait


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