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Bob Neyret and Team Aseptogyl

Robert Neyret, known as Bob Neyret, is a French racing driver 🏁 🇫🇷 having raced mainly on Citroën DS and Citroën SM. Also a dentist and director of a toothpaste factory, he created his own rally team, almost exclusively made up of female drivers, in the early 1970s. His Team Aseptopgyl and its pink Citroën DS or Renault Alpine 💖 quickly became iconic.

➡️ We wish here to pay tribute to this exceptional journey and perpetuate a common passion, that of vintage automobiles and automobile competition . 🏎️ 🏁

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  • Bob Neyret: passion objects for eternal vintage!

  • TEAM BOB NEYRET (in homage to the pilot career of “Bob Neyret” and his “Team” Aseptogyl) is the natural evolution of La Boutique de l’Agent Bob (2017) then of the Vintage boutique “BACK TO THE SHOP” (2021-2023).

    Present since 2017 to offer fans of Citroën and Team Aseptogyl, Bob Neyret exclusive objects.

    Comic strips, extensive vintage objects , finely selected around the credo: passion, small limited series and quality always there with always attractive delivery costs!

    We don't like waste ! The store also offers you recycled and recyclable objects in the form of online or physical spot sales in the form of invitations and weekly meetings.

    Teambobneyret is refining itself to become an online store for fans of motorsport and vintage objects, young-timers and geek references from the 1960 period to the present day...WELCOME!

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    The “TEAM BOB NEYRET” Boutique is defined around unique and
    dedicated which combine vintage motorsport, female drivers, young-timer or recent cars with a touch of graphic arts, geek codes, all in very limited series, favoring craftsmanship and the work of partners
    passionate. ➡️

  • ➡️ Are you inspired by one of them? Would you like the same or a special series with the image, logo of your group, club, association?
    Don’t hesitate, the Custom TEAM BOB NEYRET workshop is for you!

    We are always open to new ideas and new projects. Write to us, 💬✉️ we study all requests!

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