From Agent Bob's Shop, then Back to The Shop, here is TEAM BOB NEYRET!

  • Projects find their origins in the energy of passions, visions and encounters. Once upon a time, in 2010, there was a meeting between a very great rally driver, at the same time dentist, team manager and boss producer of a toothpaste that remains famous, and a comic book author who wanted to make him the character lead from his new album. What an idea !

    From a request for an editorial for a comic book album was born a first working lunch, then a first project ( Les Filles de L'Oncle Bob, in 2011, available to order in this store!), doubled of a Historic Monte-Carlo rally with, for the first time, the car of the comic strip heroines (a Citroën DS “Rose Aseptogyl”, no. 21, driven by two female drivers, in homage to the original Team Aseptogyl).

  • A 2nd comic strip ( Pair of Aces for a DS) is born
    in 2016, with the complicity of the Group and the great Michel Hommell). What followed were more and more regular presences at shows, rallies and events around old, vintage cars and motorsport to lead to a real permanent working relationship around the passion for vintage rallying around objects very specific, gifts, souvenirs, miniatures to keep the passion alive with a community that is still present, and so incredibly active after almost 50 years of rally activities!

    Bob Neyret has never stopped racing in Historic Rallies and is still preparing for Morocco in 2022.

    Metapat ensures the logistics of Bob Neyret's events and public appearances for his greatest pleasure.

  • The store is transforming in 2021 to become BACK TO THE SHOP! In addition to objects for Bob Neyret enthusiasts, you will find more comic books, extensive vintage objects, finely selected around the credo: passion, small limited series and quality always there with always attractive delivery costs. !

    Back to the Shop* is obviously a tribute to one of Metapat's permanent references, namely Back to the Future introspective film trilogy featuring the legendary De Lorean DMC12.

  • The spirit is there: a return to the past and this sublime age of vintage rallies with all its wonders , a leap into the future to present to the young public but also and above all to the passions born from this bygone era a legend, to make them share an approach to motorsport and adventure!

    *shop name credit: Emilie Boulet

  • In 2023, and on the way to Bob Neyret's 90th birthday in February 2024, it was important to celebrate and continue the life of the heritage and spirit of Bob Neyret and his adventures as a gentleman driver!

    It is therefore the best time to associate the name “BOB NEYRET” to evoke his career as a rally and major raid driver with his “TEAM” Aseptogyl, a legendary team with pink cars in all four corners of the world!

    TEAM BOB NEYRET is back with this site dedicated to its history through objects still in limited edition, and much more!