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Lancia Stratos HF Aseptogyl, Monte-Carlo Rally 1977

Lancia Stratos HF Aseptogyl, Monte-Carlo Rally 1977

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Technical data

1/18th scale
Guaranteed source: Vintage manufacturing, old series (recovered)
Model conforming to the original, including authentic signature of Bob Neyret - and dedication
Sent in secure packaging, bubble wrap
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Collector’s copy! Lancia Stratos HF Aseptogyl, Monte-Carlo Rally 1977, 1/18th scale, by SOLIDO. Copy autographed by Bob Neyret. Winner of the 1977 Ladies Cup

Unavoidable ! Iconic, driven only by female drivers, receive a copy of the Lancia Stratos HF from Team Aseptogyl, as it competed in the Monte-Carlo Rally in 1977 to win the Ladies' Cup! Driven by the brilliant Christine Dacremont, it will be given to you with an authentic autograph from Bob Neyret to certify its uniqueness in your collection!

From a private collection, it will not be sent to you in its original box but under bubble wrap protection and special packaging.

It is not signed by Bob Neyret on the model but on a separate card, but can be signed on request

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