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Citroën SM 1/24 “Proto 1972” Monte-Carlo Historic Rally 2019

Citroën SM 1/24 “Proto 1972” Monte-Carlo Historic Rally 2019

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Technical data

Only 5 copies left!!
1/24th scale
Guaranteed source: Vintage manufacturing, old series - WHITEBOX 1/24th new
Model conforming to the original, with authentic signature of Bob Neyret - on request
Genuine Decals by ALO DECALS
Sent in secure packaging, bubble wrap
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Collector's copy - only 3 copies remaining!

Building on the continued success with Citroën, SM and Bob Neyret enthusiasts, Team Bob Neyret is producing a new *micro* series of Bob Neyret's 1972 SM Prototype in 2021.

The 2019 series (15 x 1/18th) and 2020 (5x 1/18th and 5x 1/24th) being all gone and signed by Bob Neyret, the 2021 series will include new models in 1/24th and 1/18th, ALL UNIQUE due to their decoration, to keep the exclusivity of each model made before.

Each series is unique either by the addition of a specific decal, by its scale, or by its signature and its certificate of uniqueness.

This new 2022 series of only 5 examples, in partnership with ALO DECALS (for the production of official Bob Neyret decals), will use the model of the 2019 Monte-Carlo Historic Rally.

SPECIFIC ADDITIONS: refinement compared to the real model: BLACK bumpers, SM “Bob Neyret” fender stickers - front and rear hood attachment stickers, and black wheels, rims conform to the real model!

SM Proto 1972 “Bob Neyret”:

Driver: Bob Neyret

Co-pilot: Claude Laurent

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