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Citroën SM 1/18th “Proto 1972” Monte-Carlo Historic Rally 2019

Citroën SM 1/18th “Proto 1972” Monte-Carlo Historic Rally 2019

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Technical data

12 copies only
1/18th scale
Guaranteed source: Vintage manufacturing, old series - NOREV - 1/18th NEW
Model conforming to the original, with authentic signature of Bob Neyret - on request
Genuine Decals by ALO DECALS
Sent in secure packaging, bubble wrap
Free shipping with the purchase of a 2nd item!

Collector's copies - Series 2022: 12 copies

Building on the continued success with Citroën, SM and Bob Neyret enthusiasts, Team Bob Neyret is producing a new *micro* series of Bob Neyret's 1972 SM Prototype in 2022.

The 2019 series (15 x 1/18th) and 2020 (5x 1/18th and 5x 1/24th) being all gone and signed by Bob Neyret, the 2022 series will include new models in 1/24th and 1/18th, ALL UNIQUE due to their decoration, to keep the exclusivity of each model made before.

Each series is unique either by the addition of a specific decal, by its scale, or by its signature and its certificate of uniqueness.

This new 2022 series of only 12 copies, in partnership with ALO DECALS (for the production of official Bob Neyret decals), will use the model of the 2019 Monte-Carlo Historic Rally. The photos are not contractual, the decals will be INTEGRATED as on the 1/24th model!!

SPECIFIC ADDITIONS: refinement compared to the real model: BLACK bumpers, SM “Bob Neyret” fender stickers - front and rear hood attachment stickers, and black wheels, rims conform to the real model!

SM Proto 1972 “Bob Neyret”:

Driver: Bob Neyret

Co-pilot: Claude Laurent

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