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Comic Strip “Uncle Bob’s Daughters” – French

Comic Strip “Uncle Bob’s Daughters” – French

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Technical data

The best-seller of Bob Neyret in character, 70s style
Contains a micro report from the DS “Monte-Carlo historique” which participated in the MCH 2011!
48 color pages, cardboard format 24cm x 32cm
Beautiful book, beautiful model
By Emilio Van der Zuiden and Metapat, Calandre collection, Ed. Paquet

The first of the comic books from the life of Bob Neyret. Bob Neyret as a character!

The beginning of the Aseptogyl adventure, described in a fictionalized manner and of course not truthful! For example, it is well known that the crews of the real Team Aseptogyl were only made up of women, and not mixed crews, but we quickly become charmed by the story!

Comic book initially published in 2011, and still a success with the public 10 years after its publication!

The series is in its 2nd edition.

By the key designer from the beginnings of the Calandre collection, Emilio van der Zuiden, and his scriptwriter Metapat.

Available autographed on request!

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