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Alpine A110 Rallye du Maroc (1975) - 1/18th - Bob Neyret

Alpine A110 Rallye du Maroc (1975) - 1/18th - Bob Neyret

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Technical data

Unique copy for enthusiasts
1/18th scale
Guaranteed source: Passionate artisanal manufacturing - Alpine A110S Burago base
Genuine decals including “ANTESITE” brand that belonged to Bob Neyret
Model conforming to the original, with authentic signature of Bob Neyret
Sent in maximum secure packaging, bubble wrap and cushioning
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Collector's copy - new reference 2022

Presented during the Avignon Motors 2022 show, this unique example was produced at the personal request of Bob Neyret. It was also part of his collection in 2021.

This is a customized replica of his Alpine no. 8 from the 1975 Morocco Rally! (see photos)

Original and genuine decals from the 1975 Morocco Rally

Sponsor “ANTESITE” which belonged to Bob Neyret

Alpine A110 S base - Burago, original

Single copy

True and original signature of Bob Neyret

Secure shipping under full protection anywhere in the world.

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